💹Rocket Lightning Network

The Rocket protocol allows assets to be deposited into the Lightning Network's payment channel and transferred through the existing Lightning Network.Rocket provides a complete set of tools for developers who are keen to issue, manage and explore mainnet assets on-chain.

The Rocket protocol introduces corresponding new features and improvements in scalability, security and developer experience.

The core components of the protocol include

Schnorr Signature Algorithm: Rocket utilizes the Schnorr signature algorithm, which is an efficient and more private algorithm for signing Bitcoin transactions. Allowing multiple inputs to share the same signature, Schnorr signatures reduce the size of transactions, increase privacy, and provide a more secure and efficient transaction experience.

Merkleized Abstract Syntax Tree (MAST): MAST is a data structure for organizing and validating complex scripts, and Rocket leverages MAST to reduce transaction complexity and size by combining multiple conditions and branches into a single Merkle tree, providing more flexible asset management and transaction rules.

Scriptless Scripts: Rocket introduces Scriptless Scripts, a new contract feature introduced in Rocket. It allows for more complex conditions and protocols in Bitcoin transactions without the need to publicize the scripts on the blockchain, increasing the privacy of transactions, reducing their size, and providing users with a more secure and private transaction environment.

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