Built by a Top Team The Rocket project is being developed by Rocket Labs, a Bitcoin Lightning Network infrastructure development team.The Rocket Labs team was founded in 2016 and is dedicated to improving the scalability of Bitcoin for faster and cheaper transactions.

The Rocket Labs team brings together some of the industry's best technologists in various fields such as computers, information security, payments, fiat trading, communications, math, finance, web development, and high-frequency algorithmic trading. At the same time, the team members have market and practical experience in DAPP development, payments, transactions, cross-chain, etc., and possess not only strong technical capabilities, but also excellent research capabilities.


  • Master of Computer Science from Harvard University, famous blockchain software development engineer, was responsible for the cross-platform porting of mining algorithms for Bitcoin, ETH and other virtual currencies and the management of mining machine software development. He has rich experience in virtual digital currency wallet and virtual digital exchange technology architecture.


  • a blockchain engineer with rich experience in big data parallel computing and distributed algorithm optimization, and in-depth research in blockchain, cryptography, and data mining.


  • M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Ottawa, Canada. His research involves data mining, artificial intelligence and algorithm optimization. He is responsible for building and optimizing artificial intelligence algorithms for projects.


  • Program developer, senior engineer of blockchain technology application, with senior development experience in the field of private social network. With 15 years of experience in the Internet, he is proficient in a variety of computer languages, specializes in mass high concurrency available architecture design, and has rich experience in R&D management.

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