🚄DeFi Aggregation Revenue

DeFi Aggregation Revenue Rocket will also be an emerging Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that enables DeFi Aggregation Revenue while introducing some DeFi functionality and liquidity to the Bitcoin network as well as the crypto market project.

Specifically, Rocket provides trustless two-way anchoring between Bitcoin assets and BTC assets tokenized on the EVM chain. This allows for wider use of Bitcoin eco-assets in the DeFi ecosystem. At the same time, it provides the basis for expanding the use cases for Bitcoin through DeFi, enabling features such as lending, collateralization, and inter-chain interoperability.

Rocket DeFi Aggregation Benefits Key Products and Features:

Rocket Lending Protocol: users can lend out crypto market positions for attractive revenue opportunities and earn unique token incentives. Users can lock in crypto market assets on the Bitcoin network while offering crypto market tokens to the lending pool on the EVM chain.

Rocket Collateral Protocol: Bitcoin positions on Bitcoin's native blockchain cannot be collateralized until they are exchanged for a tokenized crypto marketplace on the EVM chain.Rocket will enable crypto marketplace collateralization allowing Bitcoin holders to participate in more DeFi protocols and earn incentives.

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