🚀Future Prospects

Transaction congestion and payment inefficiencies have been the focus of attention in the cryptocurrency and emerging Defi project space.

And with the introduction of Rocket, Bitcoin is set to usher in a whole new era, opening the door to Defi multi-asset payments.Rocket was originally designed to enable efficient, secure, and privacy-preserving asset management and transfer, bringing a more integrated and secure approach to the Defi network.

Rocket's core concept is to combine the transfer of Defi assets with the security and stability of the Bitcoin chain.

Through specific protocols and the Lightning Network, Rocket not only supports on-chain asset transfers, but also enables off-chain asset transfers.

This dual mechanism provides users with both flexibility and security. At the same time, through the so-called "Pocket Universe" design, Rocket assets are aggregated and verified on-chain, further enhancing the security and privacy of Defi's asset transfers.

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