🔰Rocket Economic Model

Rocket is not only a participation token for the platform, but also grants governance benefits to its holders, incentivizing them to actively participate in the development of the platform.The scenarios and benefits of Rocket's use are listed below:

Governance: Rocket token holders can participate in the governance process, exercising their right to vote and influence important decisions about the platform's development. This ensures that the community has a direct say in shaping the direction and development of the Rocket ecosystem.

Liquidity Rewards: Users who provide liquidity to the Rocket Liquidity Pool and participate in the Automated Market Maker (AMM) system are rewarded with Rocket Tokens as an incentive to encourage the provision of liquidity and promote a healthy trading environment and platform liquidity.

Pledge: Rocket Token holders can earn passive income by pledging their Tokens for additional rewards, including a portion of the platform's transaction fees or other incentives.

Platform Utility: Rocket Tokens have a variety of uses within the Rocket ecosystem, including payment of transaction fees, access to premium features and services, and participation in specific token sales and events.

Overall, Rocket plays a key role in managing the platform, incentivizing liquidity provision, providing pledge rewards, and in various activities and transactions within the Rocket ecosystem.

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