↗️Advantages of Aibitcoin

Rocket has all the tools needed to make Bitcoin a multi-asset network, while maintaining the core values of the Defi project in a scalable manner, which will undoubtedly unlock the potential value of the Defi project in a significant way.

The introduction of Rocket will significantly improve Bitcoin's scalability. By combining the Schnorr signature algorithm and the Rocket Lightning Network protocol, Rocket can consolidate multiple transactions into a single one, reducing the amount of transaction data on the blockchain, increasing transaction processing efficiency, lowering fees, and providing a better experience for more users and applications.

The launch of Rocket will enhance the privacy protection capabilities of the Defi project.

By hiding scripts and improving privacy-preserving signatures, Rocket makes transactions harder to track and analyze, enhancing user transaction privacy and financial privacy.

Rocket will drive the growth of the Defi program.

The Defi program, which pays for transactions through Rocket, can support more complex smart contracts. This will provide developers with more innovation and expansion possibilities, bringing more flexible and diverse application scenarios to the Defi Project ecosystem.

The release of Rocket will stimulate innovation and development of the Defi project ecosystem.

It opens up more possibilities for asset distribution and usage scenarios, attracts more developers and enterprises to join the ecosystem, and pushes the ecosystem forward.Rocket will provide a more comprehensive and professional asset circulation channel for the Defi Project, which will further attract innovative projects to join the Defi Project track.

In the future, through the combined efforts of Rocket and related protocols, the Bitcoin ecosystem and the Defi market will move toward a mature payment infrastructure, and at the same time will give rise to the development of various derivative products.

Areas such as wallet applications, the NFT marketplace, and social applications, for example, will benefit from these efforts, and Rocket's construction efforts will provide a solid foundation for realizing these scenarios.

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