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ROCKET is pushing boundaries:Our latest tech upgrade showcases cutting-edge security features and lightning-fast transactions Solve the channel problem of the lightning network and solve the current payment problem of the Meme project. Looking to the stars ROCKET aims to redefine what's possible in crypto,From DeFi to NFTs we're on a mission to innovate and inspire

Rocket is a Lightning payment network and, at the same time, a decentralized asset protocol based on the Bitcoin network focused on providing a secure and convenient payment environment for buying, selling, earning and hosting crypto assets. At the same time, it solves access issues for the Lightning Network, and the project side solves the payment problems it is currently experiencing.

Functionally, Rocket facilitates fast and secure off-chain transactions through an intermediary payment channel. This is accomplished through the use of multi-signature wallets, which hold collateral and automatically transfer cryptoassets (e.g., BTC) that are owed or overcharged.

These interconnected channels allow transactions between individuals without the need to establish a direct connection.The Rocket system even supports the creation of interoperable versions of any cryptocurrency using multi-signature wallets and hash time locks. This feature facilitates almost instantaneous and near-zero-cost transactions between blockchains without the need for a dedicated cryptocurrency trading platform.

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